Following Jesus’ example and desiring to glorify His name with our actions, we at the upper room are dedicated to serving others with the love of Jesus Christ.  This starts in our homes, goes forth into our communities and to nations around the world.


Urban Refuge


Urban Refuge is a volunteer based homeless outreach launched in 2012. It exists to spread the gospel and to show God’s love to the poor, lost and marginalized. Out of a deep love for Christ and a desire to make Him known to the world, we serve to meet the spiritual and physical needs of the homeless and low income populations in our community. For more information, please browse the Urban Refuge website.



Taking on the Great Commission (Matthew 28:16-20) as a way of life, we are involved in mission work in our community as well as in other countries.


Belize | 2014

Costa Rica | 2011

Jamaica |  many years


Matthew 5:16